Look around the Globe

We are Marta and Lucas – a couple, two people, both riding bikes and both curious about the world, who now in their 30s have a great idea: The idea to travel the world by motorcycle.

It began with a passion for motorcycles for Lucas- a small boy spending almost every minute tinkering with and riding his Simson S51. It seems that nobody could have stopped the growing interest in riding fast bikes and as our lives evolved, the types of motorcycles were changing, but the idea of 2 wheels and riding further remained unchanged for him.

I began riding with Lucas in 2016, through asking him for some help riding after a small accident and with that, the story began.

Finally, after selling my bike, the role of pillion fell mainly to me, of course with the opportunity to swap with Lucas sometimes. Yes, occasionally a man is on the back and he is happy!

Riding bikes is a passion – that’s clear...When it’s combined with travel, adventures and curiosity for the world, experienced by two people who motivate each other – you can only imagine what might happen!

So here we are – Look around the Globe, with 86 countries now traversed and around 175 000km done on 1 bike over 5 continents. Welcome to our adventurous motorcycle world, ride with us!

We discovered parts of Europe during some free days and holidays. The logistics of leaving our 2 cities wasn’t easy, but the further in advance you plan something the easier it is to manage.

Bornholm Island was the first trip riding two-up. I had given Lucas so many restrictions and rules because when we decided to travel on 1 bike, I totally didn’t know what to expect sitting behind him. I had to trust Lucas and I gave him the opportunity to ride as he wanted, but it was so difficult when you feel the speed twice as much as you do when riding by yourself.

I’m sure you’re wondering – why are you not riding your own bike? That’s probably not my favorite question, but let’s just say – it’s not my last word on the subject and one day, probably when we finish our first world loop, it will be time to jump on my bike.

In any case, let’s say – it’s a great challenge to travel two-up all over the world and we are proving that you can keep the whole house on 1 bike as well.

We would later go even further– from Poland to Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, coming back through Grossglockner in Austria and riding 3000km in 4 days. The next time was Kiev, Chernobyl, through Moldovia to Odessa and back home in another 4 days.

Every weekend in a different place and the days filled till the last minute before getting dark. Totally crazy plans and hundreds of kilometers every day to keep up with what we had planned into such a short space of time.

Always happy, rested with our minds, but a little bit tired with our bodies after spending long hours in a saddle.

With days like these we sound as if we were becoming addicted, but nobody, not even us, could have expected what would soon come into our heads…

The Asian adventure was calling us!

To be continued…

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