New distribution in UK

We would like to announce that from 01.08.2019, the representation and supply including logistics of Touratech products in the United Kingdom market will be performed directly by the Headquarters and Central Warehouse of Touratech GmbH.


The decision falls in line with our strategy to re-enforce our presence in this important market, and therefore dedicate our central resources to ensure the best customer service, proximity and product availability.The United Kingdom is historically a very important and significant market with passionate customers strongly connected to traveling and adventure. Our aim is to ensure that the long relationship between the United Kingdom’s customer and our brand is preserved and sustained over time.Touratech’s brand is strongly focused on maintaining and consolidating the position as number one brand for adventure motorcycling accessories.

We maintain our focus on developing state of the art products for our customers, always with the “New Ideas for Motorcycles” philosophy and ensuring top quality engineering and manufacturing.In recent years, Touratech has streamlined the product range and continues to be the reference brand for those searching for the best accessories for their motorbikes; the trustworthy choice to equip motorbikes traveling all over the world in so many diverse and adverse environments.

Touratech’s strategy to serve the United Kingdom market is based on providing delivery of our products directly to the end customer from our headquarters in the Black Forest. We will also develop a network of point of sales with proper geographic coverage of the United Kingdom, therefore allowing customers to have close and in loco contact with our products. Our team of experts are ready to provide full customer support in making the best choices for the motorbikes and their desired usage.

We will announce our new network of PoS once it is clearly defined and agreed.

Our current sales channels are:
Sales email:
After Sales Support email:
Phone Number: +44 208 08 99 692


Touratech has been represented in the United Kingdom by our distributor “Touratech UK, Lda”. 
We would like to express our gratitude for the years spent working together and communicate that we are delighted that this company will continue to work with us. 
They will continue to sell our products as our official PoS for the Wales area and still with delivery capability to the market.

Touratech Wales:

Adventure Bike Store
Unit 16 Woodlands Business Park
Swansea SA9 1JW
Phone: +44 01639 841765


A special note for our customers from Northern Ireland, we would like to state that they can make their purchases from our United Kingdom sales channels or from Touratech Ireland and our partners at Overlanders:

Finally, we would like to state very clearly that we are committed and focused on providing top quality service and fast delivery to our customers in the United Kingdom.