Aventuro PRO Carbon

The all new ECE 22.06 certified adventure motorcycle helmet made in Europe

The versatile motorcycle helmet

Versatile – Lightweight – Safe

Made in Europe

Versatile and customizable for every ride
With its modular design, the Aventuro PRO Carbon is the ideal helmet for any adventure.

Lightness that inspires
Feel the freedom with the lightweight X-PRO carbon material - for carefree riding comfort.

Safety in every situation
Innovative features such as the F.R.S. Emergency Strap System offer protection you can rely on.

Aventuro PRO Carbon

The Aventuro PRO Carbon helmet from Touratech is the perfect symbiosis of technology, comfort, safety, and specifically developed for demanding motorcyclists. The high-strength helmet shell made of X-PRO carbon is not only around 10% lighter than comparable helmets, but also offers optimum strength. The helmet is available with 3 different sizes for the shell, enabling the offer of 7 different sizes and guarantees an optimum fit for every head size.

A special highlight is the newly designed chin section, which allows individually adjustable ventilation for both the rider and the visor. The ventilation system with 8 adjustable air inlets and 4 air outlets is reinforced by optimized air channels in the EPS foam and ensures a perfect interior climate.

In addition, the helmet offers a large panoramic field of vision, which increases safety through better all-round visibility. The Coolmax™ inner padding is replaceable and washable, keeping the helmet not only comfortable but also hygienic. The Ergo Padding System also allows the helmet to be individually adjusted to the shape of the wearer's head.

Other important features include the double D-ring fastener, the anti-fog Pinlock® MaxVision™ visor and an emergency release system. The helmet is also prepared for the use of intercom systems and comes with useful accessories such as two camera mounts and a carrying bag. The Aventuro PRO Carbon helmet is double certified according to ECE 22.06 and DOT, which underlines its high safety quality.

All in all, the Aventuro PRO Carbon is a masterpiece of helmet technology, perfect for motorcyclists who value quality, safety and comfort.

Details at a glance

  • New helmet shells in three sizes: XS-S, M-L, XL-3XL
  • Improved design for operation with gloves
  • Newly designed, aerodynamically optimized shield decoupled from the visor
  • New two-part chin ventilation
  • A total of 8 adjustable vents and 4 air vents for optimum interior climate
  • Newly developed emergency release system
  • Airy off-road
  • Adaptable in mixed use
  • Aerodynamic on the road
  • High-strength carbon shell
  • Complies with ECE 22.06 and DOT
  • Large panoramic field of vision
  • Double D-ring fastener
  • Pin-lock visor included
  • Low weight
  • Ergo padding system
  • Simple operation
  • Tool-free conversion
  • Sophisticated ventilation
  • Washable interior
  • Inner padding made of sweat-inhibiting, anti-allergic Coolmax lining
  • Integrated spectacle strap guide
  • Intercom preparation for ALL standard devices
  • Camera holder
  • Accessory holder

Key Features

Quick-change artist Aventuro PRO Carbon

The Aventuro PRO Carbon helmet from Touratech is a master of adaptability. Whether for road riding, off-road adventures or mixed tours, the helmet can be converted quickly and without tools. Its modular design enables seamless adaptation to different riding conditions and riding styles, making it the ideal companion for any type of motorcycle tour. Discover the freedom of being equipped for all eventualities with one helmet.

By decoupling the peak from the visor, we have made modular conversion even easier, which also simplifies cleaning and significantly reduces susceptibility to getting dirty.

We use metal screws and threads to ensure a robust and reliable connection between the helmet and peak. Discover the comfort of being equipped for all eventualities.


Ventilation system with 8 air inlets and 4 air outlets

The Aventuro PRO Carbon is characterized by an innovative ventilation system with 8 inlets and 4 outlets for optimum air circulation. This system not only guarantees excellent cooling while riding, but also efficiently reduces heat and moisture in the helmet. The carefully positioned ventilation points allow the rider to adjust the air supply individually, which contributes to increased comfort and improved riding dynamics.

Another special feature of the Aventuro PRO Carbon helmet is the two-part chin ventilation. This innovative design makes it possible to regulate the ventilation for the rider and the visor separately and thus individually adjust the air circulation according to requirements or weather conditions. This flexibility ensures a clear view through the visor and increases wearer comfort, as the rider can regulate the air supply according to their personal preferences.

With additional ventilation at the chin and innovative ventilation flaps at the top and back of the head, our design provides an improved internal climate that offers the rider superior comfort.


Revolutionary ventilation and anti-vibration technology

The Aventuro PRO Carbon is all about innovation! In particular, the newly developed Mid Airflow Chamber System creates a cavity between the inner and outer EPS. This allows fresh air to circulate quickly around the head, while warm air can escape efficiently through the rear openings. In addition, the helmet has an innovative anti-vibration EPS system: a special rubber strip between the EPS layers enables fine movements of the inner EPS. This reduces vibrations caused by air turbulence at higher speeds. The helmet is safe and stable and offers a smoother and more comfortable riding experience!


Certified safety: ECE 22.06 and DOT standard

The Aventuro PRO Carbon motorcycle helmet meets the latest safety standards in the helmet industry! It is certified according to the strict ECE 22.06 and DOT standards, guaranteeing maximum safety and protection! Riders can rely on the helmet's robust construction and advanced protection technology! This ensures maximum safety while riding.


Wide field of vision, wide horizons

The Aventuro PRO Carbon motorcycle helmet expands your perspective on every tour! With its large panoramic visor, the helmet offers outstanding all-round visibility! This not only increases comfort, but also significantly improves safety. Because you can see your surroundings clearly and unhindered. The Aventuro PRO Carbon is also ideal for persons with Eyewear.


Quick help in an emergency

The F.R.S. Emergency Strap System of the Aventuro PRO Carbon helmet from Touratech is an innovative safety technology that enables quick and safe assistance in an emergency. The system allows the helmet's cheek pads to be removed quickly and easily, so that the helmet can be taken off if necessary without putting additional pressure on the rider's head and neck. This function is crucial for quick care after an accident and reduces the risk of injury when removing the helmet.


Lightness meets strength

Our helmet is designed for lightness to minimize the strain on neck vertebrae and muscles, which makes for a noticeably easier riding experience. It is light and stable as it is made of high-strength X-PRO carbon. The surprisingly low weight ensures unsurpassed comfort and safety on your tours. The helmet protects you without feeling heavy. It is ideal for long rides and a variety of adventures!


Redefined: Helmet shield & aerodynamics perfected

With the Aventuro PRO Carbon motorcycle helmet, the peak has been decoupled from the visor! This improves aerodynamics and offers optimum protection from the sun and dirt. The design increases the functionality of the helmet without compromising the rider's safety or comfort.


Multifunctionality at its best

The new motorcycle helmet is equipped with advanced features, making it a real asset for your tour! The goggle clamp offers a secure hold for your motorcycle goggles to prevent them from slipping while riding. This helmet is designed to be compatible with all common intercom devices, so you'll always stay connected no matter where the ride takes you. The Pinlock® anti-fog technology prevents the visor from fogging up and ensures clear vision in all weather conditions. The Pinlock® 70 MaxVision™ lens is included in the box. The helmet is also equipped with two mounts for action cams, so you can easily capture your adventures and share them with others! This combination of features makes the helmet the ideal companion for modern motorcyclists.


Aventuro PRO Carbon

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