The second generation of the Compañero World2 motorcycle textile suit offers numerous improvements when it comes to offroading as well as touring. The two-layer construction, consisting of an airy summer suit and a weatherproof oversuit made of Gore-Tex, has remained.

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Gore-Tex textile suit for offroading and touring

The Compañero World2 summer suit features large-area ventilation and extensive protector equipment. This textile suit is suitable for adventure rides as well as for motorcycle tours in the heat. With its abrasion-resistant Cordura and extensive protector equipment, the World2 offers the level of protection of a real touring suit, unlike the clothing usually worn for adventure riding.

Motorcycle suit made of Gore-Tex three-layer laminate

In cool or damp weather, this oversuit made from Gore-Tex three-layer laminate comes into its own. This waterproof oversuit keeps you dry even on a motorcycle tour, lasting many hours, in the rain. Nevertheless, the climate membrane allows for high breathability, for example during strenuous offroad rides with an adventure bike.

Extra-long zips on the trouser legs enable the suit to be put on easily even when wearing motorcycle boots.

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