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Equipment | Touratech Aventuro PRO Carbon

Completely new developed, the Aventuro PRO carbon offers high tech for demanding travel enduro riders. Double certified in accordance with the current ECE 22.06 and DOT standards, the modular helmet made from advanced X-PRO carbon not only impresses with its outstanding safety, but also offers numerous innovative features.

With the Aventuro Carbon in 2014, Touratech set completely new standards for adventure helmets. Versatility, Security, Comfort and practical usefulness added up to a wholly new concept, which opened a previously unseen field of application possibilities. As with its two predecessors, the basic principle of the Aventuro PRO Carbon is as simple as it is convincing. The PRO combines three helmets in one. Without tools, it can be converted from a cross helmet to a hybrid helmet or a thoroughbred road helmet in next to no time, depending on the intended use. In each of these three disciplines, the Aventuro PRO Carbon proves to be a master of its trade.



Three configurations

As an airy cross helmet, the Aventuro PRO Carbon first impresses with the low weight of its high-strength carbon shell. It is therefore easy on the wearer's neck muscles, even during sporty off-road riding. The large field of vision not only ensures the best overview, it also allows the comfortable use of even large cross goggles, which are appreciated by spectacle wearers. An integrated clip ensures optimum retention of the goggle strap. The shield can be adjusted in length so that it can be customised to individual requirements. In its hybrid helmet configuration, the Aventuro PRO Carbon comes with a visor. This means that adventure riders benefit from optimum weather protection on long, fast riding stages. The ventilation system has been further optimised to ensure a perfect climate in the helmet even on hot days. Familiar from the helmet’s two predecessors are the generously dimensioned ventilation channels in the helmet shell. The inlet and outlet openings each have a large cross-section for maximum efficiency, and the inlets can be completely closed. The two-part ventilation in the chin area is completely new. While the upper tilting mechanism controls a separate air flow for ventilating the visor, the lower slider regulates the air flow for the rider. This innovative solution makes it possible for the first time to ensure optimum ventilation of the visor even in cool temperatures without having to accept any loss of comfort. To be able to use the Aventuro PRO Carbon as a sporty road helmet, the helmet shield can be removed in just a few simple steps. This is now even easier, as the visor and shield have separate fastenings.




Tested according to ECE22.06

Naturally, the Aventuro PRO Carbon is certified according to the especially strict ECE22.06 norm. Testing procedures for both the helmet shell and the visor have been tightened significantly compared to the previous ECE22.05 norm and additional testing scenarios were included.

High-tech for the helmet shell

The brand-new X-PRO carbon technology utilises knowledge from the aerospace industry to achieve an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio. In the process, 3K carbon (3,000 fibres per bundle) is formed into a high-strength composite structure similar to a spider web. The high fibre content (≥ 60 percent) maximises the mechanical features of the helmet shell, while the precise fibre distribution ensures uniform strength in all dimensions and an elegant appearance. Despite greater rigidity and strength, the helmet shell of the Aventuro PRO Carbon made from X-PRO Carbon is around 10 per cent lighter than conventional designs.

Adjustable air inlet in the forehead area.

More security in case of a fall

The Aventuro PRO Carbon not only offers the best possible protection, but its developers have also thought much further. In the event of a motorbike accident, it is extremely important to remove the helmet from the accident victim - and to do so as gently as possible. In this area, the two previous models with their easily removable cheek pads were already absolutely exemplary. The Aventuro PRO Carbon offers a completely new level of safety here. There are two press studs on the lower part of the back of the helmet that can be used to release the cheek and neck pads so that they can be easily pulled downwards. This allows the helmet to be removed from the wearer's head without resistance.

Aventuro Pro Carbon – The innovations
  • Tested according to ECE22.06 and DOT
  • Newly constructed helmet shell made of X-PRO Carbon
  • Patented emergency release system for the inner upholstery
  • Separate chin ventilation for visor and face
  • Helmet shield attachment decoupled from the visor
  • Five attractive decor variants

Two-part ventilation in the chin area: the lower slider regulates the air flow for the rider, the upper slider regulates the visor ventilation.

Maximum Comfort On- and offroad

In addition to its low weight and innovative ventilation, the interior of the Aventuro PRO Carbon also contributes to its high level of comfort. The inner padding and the three-dimensionally moulded cheek pads are made from skin-friendly and temperature-regulating Coolmax™. They can be easily removed for washing and replaced if necessary.

The "Ergo Padding System" allows the helmet to be optimally adapted to the wearer's individual head shape by means of several foam padding strips.

Ventilation openings and clip for the goggle strap on the back of the helmet.

The right helmet for every head

The Aventuro PRO Carbon is not only available in seven different sizes from XS to 3XL, three different sized helmet shells also ensure the optimum ratio of shell to shock-absorbing EPS calotte.

The Aventuro PRO Carbon is available in the five décor variants Black, White, Core, Rallye and Sport, each in seven sizes from XS to 3XL. Item no. 500-2500 ff., price from 599 euros.

The assessment norm ECE 22.06

Impact test

Whereas the ECE 22.05 standard, which has been in force for over 20 years, requires impact tests to be carried out and analysed at five points on the helmet shell (front, top, back, sides and chin), the new ECE 22.06 standard requires the helmet to be tested at 18 points. In addition, the objects in the impact test must now have different shapes.

Penetration test for the visor

The sight is fired at with a six-millimetre steel ball at a speed of 80 m/s (288 km/h). This must not penetrate the plastic. Should a crack occur, the material must at least not splinter.

Different speeds

While the remaining residual energy was previously only measured at one speed, tests at three speeds are now mandatory. The background to this is that a very rigid helmet shell offers good protection in the event of a high-speed impact but can result in too much energy being transferred to the rider's head at low speeds. The procedure in accordance with ECE 22.06 ensures that the energy is optimally distributed and absorbed at different impact speeds.

Measurement of rotational acceleration

Thanks to advanced sensor technology, ECE 22.06 certification analyses scenarios in which the helmet impacts at an angle and thus exerts a rotational effect on the head. Here too, certain threshold values must not be exceeded.

Separate fastenings for helmet shield and visor make conversion easier.


  • Airy off-road
  • Adaptable in variable forms of application
  • Aerodynamic on the street
  • Very firm carbon shell
  • Fulfils ECE 22.06 and DOT
  • Big field of vision
  • Double-D- ring-closure
  • Pin-Lock-Visor
  • Innovative Unlocking of chin and neck pads
  • Low weight
  • Ergo-Padding-System
  • Simple to use
  • Toolless conversion
  • Sophisticated ventilation
  • Washable inner features
  • Sweat-suppressing, anti-allergic Coolmax-lining
  • Integrated Goggle band clip
  • Intercom-preparation
  • Camera mount
  • Accessories mount

  1. Aventuro PRO Carbon
    Aventuro PRO Carbon

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