EQUIPMENT | SOFT LUGAGGE - Touratech Side bag Endurance

EQUIPMENT | SOFT LUGAGGE - Touratech Side bag Endurance

Whether it's a short trip through the city or an extended ride through the countryside - the Touratech side bag Endurance Black is a robust and completely waterproof companion for any kind of motorbike adventure.


Welded from ultra-robust 660 g/m2 plastic-coated fabric, the side bag Endurance combines enormous durability with soft handling. Internal reinforcements keep the bag in perfect shape even when it is only partially filled. The roll-top fastener, with which the volume can be infinitely varied, does the rest. As a member of the “Waterproof by Touratech” product family, it goes without saying that the Endurance is waterproof. The Endurance side bag is manufactured in collaboration with textile specialist Vaude using non-toxic materials, most of which are made from sustainably sourced raw materials.

With a sensationally low net weight of just 2.16 kilograms, the Endurance offers a volume of 30 litres per bag. This means that enough luggage can be stowed even for longer tours.

Travelling enduro riders have always appreciated the benefits of soft luggage. After all, the risk of injury off-road is lower than with an inflexible luggage system, and dents and scratches are also not an issue. But more and more urban riders are also swearing by textile luggage solutions. The small width is very advantageous when meandering through the city, and a softbag can also be easily carried to the office slung over the shoulder.


The soft bag features Touratech's brand new docking panel for attachment. The quick-release fastener engages automatically when the bag is attached and can be unlocked again with a flick of the wrist. In between, it fixes the side pocket to the carrier without play and extremely strong. The optionally available locks supplement the range of functions and enable simultaneous locking with other lockable Touratech products.

The Endurance Black side bag is made in Germany from PVC-free material, just like the docking panel. The bag has a volume of 30 litres. Suitable for Touratech pannier racks and stainless steel racks from the BMW Motorrad original accessories programme.

  1. Side bag Endurance by Touratech Waterproof
    Side bag Endurance by Touratech Waterproof
  2. Side bag Endurance by Touratech Waterproof, set of 2
    Side bag Endurance by Touratech Waterproof, set of 2
  3. Carrying strap Touratech
    Carrying strap Touratech


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