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Completely new damper technology | EVO suspension for Yamaha Ténéré 700

With the presentation of the electronic suspension elements Plug & Travel EVO for the BMW R 1250 GS as well as its predecessor, the R 1200 GS, in 2022, Touratech Suspension caused a big stir in the adventure scene: Finally, suspension elements were available that opened up the full off-road potential of the GS. And Touratech had not only worked on the electronics of the semi-active suspension elements, but also completely redesigned the mechanical-hydraulic inner workings of the shocks. The conventional EVO shocks for the Yamaha Ténéré 700 now also benefit from these partly revolutionary innovations.

Even at the highest piston speeds, for example when riding fast on the slopes, the completely new design of the Hyper Flow damper piston effectively suppresses the formation of oil foam. As a result, the performance of the damper remains constant, regardless of the load. The Low Friction seal on the piston rod ensures a particularly fine response combined with maximum sealing of the damper. And even jerk-sliding, known among technically experienced riders as the slip-stick effect, is not an issue for the EVO shock absorbers.

For situational adjustment of the spring preload to the respective load condition, the EVO suspension elements have a particularly robust hydraulic preload adjuster. A rapid compression of the spring is already achieved at comparatively low operating pressure, which puts less stress on the seals. This is also a big advantage in terms of durability. In addition to the easily adjustable spring preload, the new EVO shock absorber has the finest rebound adjustment ever found in a motorbike shock absorber. Likewise, compression damping is adjustable in a huge high- and low-speed range without tools. This gives even less experienced users the opportunity to reliably realise individual suspension setups.

High-quality springs from Eibach, one of the world's most respected specialists for performance suspensions, round off the high-quality equipment of the EVO suspension struts. Almost needless to say, the EVO suspension elements for the Yamaha Ténéré 700 also come with a special Touratech setup that is already configured for heavy loads and demanding off-road riding.

Like all suspension elements from Touratech Suspension, the EVO shocks are of course fully serviceable. From time to time or after intensive loads on long-distance trips, the shocks can be disassembled and overhauled. Afterwards, they are as good as new. For constant performance and a long life.

In addition to the brand-new suspension elements of the EVO series, the proven components of the Travel series for the Yamaha T7 are also still available. Touratech Suspension thus offers probably the most comprehensive high-quality portfolio for the Ténéré 700.

The EVO suspension for the Ténéré "inherits" the advanced hydraulic and mechanical components from the electronic shocks of the DSA Plug & Travel EVO series. 

Touratech Suspension E1 | Ténéré 34L – New suspension for the classic motorbike

An icon of recent motorbike history is celebrating its 40th birthday this year: the legendary Ténéré 34L. Frank Gerlach secured an unmodified model and set about restoring it true to the original. He replaced the worn suspension elements with components from the E1 series by Touratech Suspension.

"With the restoration of the Ténéré 34L, a real heartfelt wish has come true. I spent a long time looking for a good example and finally found this one. But 40 years leave their mark on such a motorbike. In addition to the thorough inspection and careful repair of numerous assemblies such as the engine, electrics, wheels and brakes, I paid particular attention to the chassis. After all, the Ténéré should continue to speed around corners and be fun to ride off the beaten track.

I opted for suspension elements from Touratech Suspension. The E1 series shock absorber is a perfect match for the Ténéré. The monoshock is convincing through high-quality components and offers individual tuning options. This cannot be compared to the suspension technology 40 years ago and is thus a real improvement.

I upgraded the fork of the 34L with progressive fork springs, for which Touratech Suspension supplies the perfectly matching fork oil. In addition to a sensitive response, this upgrade also offers significantly more reserves in the limit range. I think it's great that Touratech Suspension also offers high-quality suspension elements for 'classic' motorbikes."

Frank Gerlach is known to many Travel Time readers as the sporting director of Touratech Active Adventure as well as an off-road supervisor at good-souls.

A documentation of the Ténéré restoration in numerous videos can be found at the URL

E1 for all!

With the E1 series, Touratech Suspension makes high-quality suspension technology available for an incredible range of different motorbike models. Cruisers, dual bikes, old boxers, current newcomers, Japanese sports bikes from the 90s or tried-and-tested bread-and-butter models - there is a suspension upgrade for all of them at a reasonable price.

The overview of models can be found at:

High-tech with a classic look | Black-T - The Heritage Brand for the Custom Scene

Touratech Suspension has launched a portfolio of high-quality suspension elements for cruisers, choppers, naked bikes, scramblers and custom bikes under the Black-T label. The motto of these performance parts for the chassis is: Classic on the outside, high-end on the inside.

The Petrol Heads from Black-T get their inspiration for the development of new suspension elements from the construction of unusual motorbike creations. The spectacular builds are partly created in their own workshop at home or in cooperation with renowned customisers such as Markus Walz or Hollister's Motorcycles.

Picture Dejan Marinkovic Photography

The tinkerers are convinced that what works well in an elaborate motorbike conversion also looks good on a near-production motorbike. With this attitude, they pave the way for the transfer of technology from the workshop directly to the end customer.

Black-T springs or struts are available in different versions. The first tuning level Black-T Stage1 describes replacement springs for fork or shock absorber. The next level, Black-T Stage2, describes suspension struts or Twin Shocks in emulsion design. The rebound damping is adjustable in each case. Customers who opt for Black-T Stage3 receive suspension elements with an external reservoir. Black-T Stage4 products come with hydraulic spring preload. In addition, the High-End version is available for selected models, which also has separate adjustment options for high- and low-speed damping.

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