Travel scene - Latest info from Touratech brand ambassadors and travellers

Travel scene - Latest info from Touratech brand ambassadors and travellers

Andreas Jancke - Great Malle Mountain Rally

A neighbour persuades Andreas Jancke to take part in the Great Malle Mountain Rally, the longest continuous rally in the Alpine region. Across 1500 miles, the TV presenter experienced an adventure in a class of its own.

"I had always dreamed of an Alpine tour, but the trips on my Ducati Hypermotard and a 300cc Vespa never went beyond my regional comfort zone until now. That was to change abruptly when a neighbour convinced me to take part in the Great Malle Mountain Rally.

The organisers promised the most challenging passes the Alps have to offer. In six days, we were to go through six countries, from Innsbruck to Monaco. A trip that needs to be well prepared. As an alpine beginner, I didn't want to leave anything to chance when it came to technique and clothing and focused on functionality and safety for this tour. I relied on a BMW F 850 GS Adventure for my bike. When it came to protective clothing, other equipment and good advice, my first port of call was Niedereschach. At Touratech, I could first try on the Compañero World Traveller and then rent it. In the rain showers on the journey to Innsbruck, in the foggy heights of the Gotthard Pass, during the cold high mountain passages in France and in the heat of Nice, I always had the feeling of being well dressed and well protected on the road.

Divided into teams, we participants were able to gather numerous impressions along the route on each stage and eat local specialities around the campfire in the evening. After a brilliant ride through countless bends, across outstanding mountain passes to the Côte d'Azur, I crowned my maiden voyage through the Alps with a jump into the cool waters of the Mediterranean."

Andreas Jancke is a journalist and TV presenter, among others for the Vox magazine auto mobil.

Sean and Emily Travels - In the starting blocks

Sean and Emily are adventurers, content creators and YouTubers. The two share their adventures with a huge community and inspire other people to have their own experiences with their films.

"In the last five years we have travelled to more than 50 countries. We've met the most incredible people, seen beautiful places and learned the true meaning of freedom.

Sean has been riding motorbikes since he was fifteen and inherited his passion from his father. Emily is an adventurer at heart who has always dreamed of seeing the world.

We have two big tours planned for this year. First, we want to escape winter on a three-week tour of Spain and Portugal. Later in the year, we will tackle the trip to the North Cape. We'll also be travelling around Central Europe in the summer season, visiting the mountain passes of Switzerland, Italy and Austria."

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duo93adventure - Via Machu Picchu to the Amazon

Renata and Dieter set off from the Peruvian capital Lima in the direction of the Amazon. Off the tourist tracks, the two take an adventurous dirt road that leads them to the starting point for exploring the ruined city of Machu Picchu.

The next destination is Manaus, the metropolis of the Brazilian Amazon. But before the two adventure riders dive into the hot and humid rainforest, they have to master the 4700-metre high Andes pass Abra Piruayani, where temperature drops to freezing point.

In the tropical lowlands, the notorious BR 319 awaits the adventurers, a road link between Porto Velho and Manaus that is about 900 kilometres long and unpaved for long stretches. Especially in the rainy season, the route is often impassable.

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Michael Hesse - Pushing the Limits

For many years, Michael Hesse has been living his love of adventure at sporting enduro events and off-road trips. To get the most out of his BMW R 1250 GS, he has equipped the new bike with the Plug & Travel EVO suspension system from Touratech Suspension.

The first test for the semi-active suspension elements is the Hard Alpi Tour Extreme. In 42 hours, Michael covers a distance of 900 kilometres through Liguria and Piedmont. 70 percent of the route is off-road, including mud and steep ascents and descents on gravel and scree. "Traction at all times and it never feels like you have reached the limits of what is possible with the GS," Michael sums up his experience on the HAT Extreme.

Back in Germany, Michael meets with the Touratech Suspension Team for a feedback session. Michael wants to optimise the characteristics of his suspension even more for off-road use. No problem. A modified off-road mapping is installed in the workshop. The next endurance test is coming up with the Active Adventure, then it's clear: the bike is perfectly equipped for the Transitalia Marathon.

Together with his friends from GS Europe Team Germany I, Michael masters this challenge with ease. And at the finish line on the beach in Rimini, there is a big celebration at the Touratech Italia stand.

With the perfectly tuned Plug & Travel EVO suspension, Michael looks forward to the 2023 season. The special edition "Hard Alpi Tour Extreme 1000" on the 15th anniversary of the HAT is on the agenda, as is participation in the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Qualifier Germany. The Active Adventure is just as firmly scheduled as the renewed participation in the Transitalia Marathon. Extensive off-road tours will take Michael through the Balkans to Albania.

"Pushing the limits" is the goal Michael has set - for himself and his GS.

Winter meeting in Spain - Los Pinguinos

Since 1982, the Turismoto Club has organised the Los Pinguinos motorbike winter meeting in Herrera de Duero near Valladolid in northern Spain. Started with 320 "motards", Los Pinguinos has become one of the biggest biker events in Europe.

Around 38,000 "penguins" came together this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the meeting. Around half of them camped around the campfire in temperatures around freezing point or simply partied the night away.

Of course, a delegation from Touratech could not be missing, the new shop team from Madrid was reinforced by Martin Wickert, CMO, Elvio Andrade, Head of International Sales as well as Touratech CEO Alberto Reinhart from Touratech Headquarters, who had travelled from Madrid with three BMW GS and pitched their tent in the midst of the celebrating crowd. Even though sleep was rather out of the question, it was a wonderful event and it was inspiring to meet so many active winter bikers.

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Taro Mizutani at the Africa Eco Race – A dream becomes reality

The Africa Eco Race follows the tracks of the original Dakar through the north of Africa. Taro Mizutani, owner of Touratech Japan, made his dream come true and joined the race. Taro prepared for eight months, mainly to improve his physical condition.

Nevertheless, the strain of the 6500-kilometre route took its toll on his strength. As early as the third day, carelessness and driving errors became more frequent.

Loneliness in the desert, mechanical problems, dehydration, lack of sleep, 500 kilometres of sand driving in one day, maintenance every night. Again and again Taro asked himself, "Why am I doing this to myself voluntarily - when it also costs me time and a lot of money?" Taro found the answer in the incomparable feeling of happiness when he crossed the finish line in 28th place overall after 13 days in Dakar.

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